***  Club members are reminded that the 2018 annual

        Course and Ball will be on Saturday 16 June , to be

        held at the Cents Cultural Hall. This will be preceded

        by the Friday Social Dance on the 15th June to be

        held at the Noppeney Hall. Further details of these

        events can be viewed elsewhere on this website.

***  On Sunday the 17th, after the Ball, there will be

         a BBQ for guests attending the Ball, to be held at

         the Chairman’s house  27 am Bounert, Rameldange,

         L-6975  from 12 noon onwards. Barbeque fires will

        be provided along with potato salad, green salad,

        wines, beers and water. Guests are requested to

        bring their choice of meats or fish.

***  The final weekly dance of the season will be held

         on Tuesday 19 June from 19.00 until 21.00h,

         followed by a few drinks.

***  The new dance season will commence on Tuesday

         18 September at the Noppeney Hall as usual.

***  It is intended to organize the St. Andrew’s Ball for

         Saturday the 24th November at the Steinmetz

         Restaurant in Bech.    


                         Last updated : 10/06/2018