At the present time the Club has not been permitted to run weekly dances at the Noppeney hall but, fortunately, an outdoor series of Sunday dances for a limited number of people is available at the Kockelscheuer ice rink covered gallery until late June. These Sunday dances were initially for a maximum of 10 dancers, but due to the extended size of the gallery and the easing of restrictions, some additional dancers are now permitted. Social distancing with no hand contacts and masks are still required.

We would like to believe that, with the increase in vaccinations and a reduced threat from the virus pandemic, sports and cultural clubs will be permitted in the Autumn to use indoor facilities such as the Noppeney hall. If that happens our Club will restart weekly dancing at the Noppeney hall from Tuesday 21 September onwards.

In the meantime may we suggest a look at the photos and videos on the Club’s Facebook page.

Updated on 07/06/2021