****  The weekly dance continues at the Noppeney hall

         On Tuesday 20 February. But, owing to the Noppeney

         Hall not being available on the 27th February and

         6 March, the weekly dance will be held at the Dance

         Factory , 5 rue de St, Esprit on the 27th , and at the

         Luxembourg Youth Hostel on the 6th March.  

***  The Club’s Annual General meeting will be held at

         20.30h on the 6th March at the Youth Hostel.      

***  Weekly dances will continue at the Noppeney Hall

         From 13 March onwards until the Easter pause

         on 3 April and 10 April. Dancing restarts on 17 April.

***  Club members are reminded that the 2018 annual

         Ball will be on Saturday 16 June , preceded by the

         Friday Social Dance on the 15th June


                         Last updated : 18/02/2018